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“Marcus Nance booms with a thrillingly powerful bass-baritone as Caiaphas.”
The New York Times

“Marcus Nance’s glorious baritone makes a perfect Caiaphas.”
New York 1

“…Marcus Nance a Caiaphas who sounds thrilling basso notes beneath what might have been thought humanly possible.”
The National Post

“His voice, a deep flexible instrument that can rumble in his chest or soar above an audience, literally speaks for itself. And it seems to adapt as easily to an opera house, as to a microphone.”
The Toronto Star

“What the audience gave its greatest ovation to was a controlled and heartfelt performance by Nance… with his bass baritone beautifully caressing the melody…”
All About

For Marcus Nance’s debut CD THE VOICE NEXT DOOR click on:

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